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Wulff believes that a German president has to be able to bring people together,

The front-runner for the position of Germany's new president is the 51-year-old Christian Wulff, vowed to roar Germany's export juggernaut roared back to life. The former premier of Lower Saxony is the candidate for the ruling Christian Democrat(CDU) and Free Democrat(FDP) coalition, and will be elected by the Federal Convention on June 30. The other two candidates are Joachim Gauck, a civil rights activist from the former East, and journalist Luc Jochimsen.

Wulff believes that a German president has to be able to bring people together, to build bridges, to reconcile, to bring about dialogue and debate, including between people of different origins, religions and languages. Wulff knows well the last five presidents, especially Roman Herzog and his speeches: We must work hard, do what we need to do and commit ourselves more. Also recently, Horst Koehler, when he spoke of monsters in the financial markets, Wulff found it very interesting. And also his campaigns in Africa, and how he closed the gap between the people and politicians. Wulff would place himself somewhere between Roman Herzog and Horst Koehler.

Basil Venitis muses the German euphemism for kickbacks is nuetzliche aufwendungen(NA), useful payments. Corruption scandals at Siemens, MAN, Daimler, and Ferrostaal show that German companies owe some of their success abroad to NA. Germany is the world champion in bribery! NA has transformed Greece to the dumping place of Germany. German companies sell their defective equipment to Greece at double prices of their perfect equipment! Yes, at double prices Greece buys submarines that bend, airplanes that cannot balance, helicopters that fall down, security systems that do not work at all, and useless machines rusting in warehouses! Yes, Greece pays gold for garbage, thanks to NA!

Michael Christoforakos, the former president of Siemens Hellas, set a videocamera in his Siemens office, producing DVDs starring 200 Graecokleptocrats, kept at two public notaries. Christoforakos has the tiptop Greek politicians on DVD kowtowing to him for more kickbacks in exchange for lucrative overpriced contracts! The DVDs prove that Premier Costas Simitis, 10 ministers, and 80 MPs of Pasok, Premier Costas Caramanlis, 8 ministers, and 75 MPs of Nea Democratia, and 20 journalists shared two billion euros of kickbacks. Christoforakos, who now lives in Munich, identified John Bartholomew of Nea Democratia and Costas Geitonas of Pasok as the coordinators of kickbacks. Siemens set aside 10% of the revenue it received from state contracts to pay off Nea Democratia and Pasok as part of a bribery system that ran from 1975 to 2007.

Venitis notes the unglucksrabe Christian Democrat leader in Germany's most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, is facing a barrage of criticism. CDU officials from the local headquarters in Duesseldorf have admitted sending out letters to companies offering them a personal meeting with premier Juergen Ruettgers for cash. For 6,000 euros, they'd be guaranteed a personal conversation with Ruettgers or other high-ranking Christian Democrat leaders. You can actually rent Ruettgers, if you've got the cash.

The letters are only the tip of the iceberg. The regional CDU has been cashing in on fixing appointments with Ruettgers for many years. One could also get oneself placed at Ruettgers' table at a dinner party for a five-digit sum. CDU had also offered personal meetings with Stanislaw Tillich, CDU state premier of Saxony, in exchange for party donations of 8,000 euros($10,900).

The practice of sponsoring political parties differs from making a straightforward campaign contribution. While party donations over 10,000 euros($13,500) must be included in a party's accountability report and are not tax-deductable, sponsorship is a corporate business expense and can be written off taxes.

The notion of businesses being able to buy a private audience with a premier smacks of commercialism. It's a fundamental concept of German political parties that one cannot buy access to a politician. There is some support in parliament for more transparency around sponsoring, although it's unlikely to be banned outright. Currently, the discussion is more about regulating the practice than banning it completely.

CDU has made a silly mistake in explicitly asking for money for a meeting. It always leaves a bit of a nasty aftertaste when talks with politicians are paid for. Whether such behavior runs counter to the national party financing law has yet to be investigated by the Federal Administrative Court. Rent-a-Premier initiative has taken place myriad times in Fourth Reich. Aside from that, the donations collected this way have never appeared in political party books.

Venitis points out Merkel does not use high-flying rhetoric or emotive outbursts to work up the crowd. She simply lays out in calm, measured, perhaps even dull terms, her party's platform. There is little to be heard of a grand plan for a shining future. This is pragmatic stuff, which is always what Merkel has been concerned with. She is not a big visionary. She likes to solve the problems of today and not think about visions of the future.

Merkel has learned a lot in terms of body language. She flirts, throws glances and can unsettle even the most powerful statesman with her impish smile. At a gala evening she can be the impressive political diva who's not afraid to show cleavage. Venitis muses that Merkel's cleavage is Germany's weapon of mass distraction! During state ceremonies she's the queen of lions in a boring trouser suit striding energetically along military formations. Her countenance can be strict and rebuking. And she often deliberately neutralizes her femininity with those famous Angela Merkel button jackets.

Chancellor Merkel has described the intense market pressures of the past few months as a poker game between investors and politicians. Whoever flinched first, she said, would lose. the pastor's daughter from East Germany who resists quick aid packages. She blames the crisis on a lack of fiscal discipline on Europe's periphery and wants a radical strengthening of EU budget rules as well as changes to the Lisbon Treaty to prevent profligacy and kleptocracy.

Venitist Guido Westerwelle, Foreign Minister of Germany and leader of the Free Democrat Party(FDP), points out that calls for an increase in the Hartz IV benefits paid to people unemployed for over 12 months smack of socialism. Those who promise the people effortless prosperity encourage late Roman decadence. Everyone just talks about benefit recipients but the people who pay for everything hardly get noticed. People who work are increasingly becoming the idiots of the nation. Germany needs a completely new start for its welfare state to ensure that people who work get more than people who don't work. Anything else is socialism. Westerwelle wants to shape things and that's why he wants to tell the public the truth.

The Bundesverfassungsgericht, Federal Constitutional Court, located in Karlsruhe, is the German Supreme Court responsible for constitutional matters, with power of judicial review. It's cosidered a venitist bastion, as most of its judges are venitists.

Venitis points out there is a golden German revolving door for the movement of Germanokleptocrats between roles as legislators and regulators and the industries affected by the legislation and regulation and pullpeddlers. An unhealthy relationship develops between the private sector and German government, based on the granting of reciprocated privileges to the detriment of German people, leading to German regulatory capture.

In December 2005, when former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder accepted a position at Russian gas company Gazprom shortly after stepping down from his government position, venitists called it a sellout move. Schroeder's support, while still in office, of the controversial Nord Stream pipeline project and Schroeder's move to Gazprom should raise questions in German voters' minds about the real reasons Schroeder was so keen to see this pipeline project launched. Many have wondered why Germany chose to go along with this project. Schroeder realized that he was, in effect, creating his own future place of employment!

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, in a wheelchair since a deranged man shot him at an election rally in 1990, would welcome venitism in Germany. We need venitism now! If not now, when?

Venitism is a new libertarian paradigm, introduced by Basil Venitis, which integrates politics, economics, ethics, and spirituality. Venitists follow the Venitis Laws:

Venitis Law of Black Hole: Taxation is armed robbery that feeds the black hole of political corruption; it's the perfect index of corruption and tyranny. Only evil governments tax citizens and companies.

Venitis Law of Constitution: The only purpose of a constitution is to protect citizens from government abuse. Reform treaties of a confederation not voted by the citizens are null and void.

Venitis Law of Democracy: Every democracy is eventually hijacked by rabblerousers, pullpeddlers, clans of kleptocrats, bumptious bugaboos, busybodies, butterbabies, nabobs of nepotism, cranks of cronyism, pusillanimous pussyfooters, riffraffs of rascals, socialist sophists, and machiavellian mafiosi. Democracy tends to kleptocracy. Venitism should replace democracy.

Venitis Law of Depression: Only governments can cause economic depressions and funny money. Lower tax rates, a reduction in the burden of government, and elimination of kleptocracy and VAT are the only way to boost growth.

Venitis Law of Education: There is no direct relationship between education and schooling. You might be schooled but uneducated, and you might be educated but unschooled. Schools are concentration camps for the drones of society. Unschooling is much better than schooling. Internet is the best source of knowledge and information, replacing schools, libraries, media, parliaments, and postoffice.

Venitis Law of Environment: The best way to save the environment is vasectomy. Deadly viruses are Gaia's antibiotics against the cancer of overpopulation.

Venitis Law of Equality: Death is the only equalizer. Egalitarianism brings death to society, transforming citizens to zombies.

Venitis Law of Evolution: The ultimate phase of human evolution is the complete domination of soul.

Venitis Law of Faith: Faith is retarded thinking that keeps you away from God. You have to become faithless, in order to start your journey to God! You have to discover God your own way without intermediaries. God's truth should replace faith.

Venitis Law of Government: The only purpose of government is to protect citizens from criminals. Public services, central banks, and fiat money should be abolished.

Venitis Law of Heroism: Entrepreneurs, innovators, and heretics are the real heroes.

Venitis Law of Insurance: Citizens with proper individual retirement accounts and health savings accounts should be allowed to opt out of State Insurance.

Venitis Law of Intervention: Any government intervention deteriorates an existing trend. Laissez-faire is the only progressive policy.

Venitis Law of Legislature: Parliaments should be abolished, because they continuously create laws that enslave citizens, constraint economic activity, loot producers, reward drones, and encourage political corruption.

Venitis Law of Misery: Throwing money to misery brings more misery. Fighting wild leverage with more leverage is homeopathic repression of reality. A deluge of fiat money brings financial plague and haemorrhage of economy. Real money is tied up to precious metals and strategic metals.

Venitis Law of Patriotism: Patriotism is addiction to local hysteria.

Venitis Law of Property: Governments should not own or regulate any property, including waves. The first individual who improves or cultivates any unclaimed property is entitled to that property. Governments cannot own, allocate, regulate, or manipulate frequency fields and media. Eminent domain is null and void.

Venitis Law of Religion: Religion is spiritual slavery. Church is the business of religion. Religious monopoly turns bishops to ayatollahs, and churches to Sodom and Gomor. Spirituality and metaphysics should replace religion.

Venitis Law of Rule: Anarchy is the rule of gangs, infinitesimal government is the rule of law, and big government is the rule of the cancer of socialism.

Venitis Law of Selfownership: You own your body and your soul, and nobody should dictate what you take in and what you take out. Speech, education, heresy, habeas corpus, military service, mating, healthcare, abortion, cloning, drugs, guns, and euthanasia should be personal choices.

Venitis Law of Style: Your soul needs to resonate with mighty words and unique acts that express your style and destiny. Your government cannot dictate your language, your words, and your culture. Resonate now and sing your song!

Venitis Law of System: The most efficient political system is venitism, where everything is private, there are no taxes at all, there is no parliament, and a powerless infinitesimal government is chosen and supported not by hoi polloi, but by the most generous benefactors.

Venitis Square Law: Political corruption is proportional to the square of the size of the government.

Venitis Tax Law: For each percent of lower taxes, the economy grows by at least four percent more, and the government gets more revenue. Raising tax rates is masochism. Smart stimulus is to cut tax rates. Stupidus stimulus is to increase spending, which stimulates the cancer of socialism!
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