Πέμπτη, 29 Ιουλίου 2010

President Obama signed into law the stupidus stimulus

Seventeen months ago, President Obama signed into law the stupidus stimulus, promising a swift economic recovery driven by putting Americans to work. Despite the hefty one trillion tag, Obama won approval for the bill with the promise that the economy would soon improve.

Basil Venitis, twitter.com/Venitis, points out Rahm Emanuel's vow that the Obama Administration won't let a serious crisis to go to waste is in full swing to spread the cancer of socialism. Kicking and screaming, Europe is realizing the folly of the welfare state and taking the first small steps to return to fiscal sanity. Alas, Planetarch Obama and Congress, aka Parliament of Whores, seem more inclined to repeat Europe's mistakes than to learn from them.

Look at the national unemployment rate, hovering around double digits at 9.5 percent, mirroring New York City's rate. For Hispanics, the number is bleaker, with an unemployment rate of almost 12.4 percent. And a recent Univision/Associated Press poll concluded that, 48 percent of Hispanics said they worry greatly about becoming unemployed.

Venitis always estimates the real unemployment rate, which includes all discouraged, marginally attached, underemployed workers, and those in concentration camps such as colleges, and it offers more complete and accurate measure of some important aspects of the labor market. Discouraged workers are people who are not in the labor force and not looking for jobs because they do not believe they can find work. Marginally attached workers are those who dream of a job. Underemployed workers are those who work part time but would like to work full time. The real rate captures the true amount of slack in the labor market better than the standard rate, because the individuals covered by these alternative measures could well pursue jobs if the economy were stronger. The real unemployment rate in now 25%; one quarter of the people are unemployed!

The White House's job creation figures simply aren't credible. Even if the numbers were accurate, they would fail to take into account the larger number of jobs lost or not created due to the economic resources being diverted from the private sector to the government to pay for the jobs. This is like taking a mansion apart in order to build a hut.

Venitist Israel Ortega muses that despite the grim economic picture, Obama and many in Parliament of Whores say we should remain patient and trust that their policies will eventually lift us out of this severe economic funk. Unfortunately for the White House, patience is wearing thin. The most recent poll has Obama's approval rating at 47 percent. For Parliament of Whores, the news is even worse, with only 11 percent approval.

Of course with the mid-term congressional elections fast approaching, members of the party in power are furiously trying to keep their jobs by convincing the electorate that their policies are working, despite the irrefutable economic indicators.

To do this, President Obama and Parliament of Whores have been resorting to dubious claims that their economic policies, most notably the massive stupidus stimulus bill, staved off an even bigger economic recession. Even late-night hosts including Jay Leno and Jon Stewart had fun mocking Obama's faulty logic.

Since they can't seem to convince voters of how much worse things could be, many in Parliament of Whores are blaming President Obama's predecessor for the country's ills. This is unfortunate and a sure sign of desperation, akin to a soccer player taking a shot from the middle of the field at the 80th minute.

What if, instead of presupposing and blaming others, Parliament of Whores and this administration considered other ways to grow our economy? Until now, lawmakers have adopted the philosophy of spending our way out of the recession. If this sounds strange, that's because it is. This line of thinking is similar to someone going on a shopping spree to get out of debt.

Basil Venitis, an Athenian orator, muses that congressmen think Americans sent them to the Parliament of Whores to solve problems when Americans sent them there to see to it that Americans are left alone to solve their own problems. Add to that the fact that many of American problems have been created by the Parliament of Whores, and Americans have the basis for a healthy, peaceful revolution.

Ortega asserts that in the waning weeks of the legislative calendar, Parliament of Whores could reduce taxes for small-business owners and reduce the regulatory red tape to make it easier for businesses to hire additional workers. Parliament of Whores also could consider approving stalled trade agreements to open trade and commerce with other countries. Lastly, Parliament of Whores could put the brakes on spending and talks of enacting even more egregiously expensive legislation.

It's not surprising that millions of formerly apolitical Americans have joined the growing Global Tax Revolt to express their frustration with the direction of our country. Ortega declares that we need bold leadership to steer our country out of this severe economic turbulence. Political posturing should take a back seat in these trying times.

Venitis points out the Global Tax Revolt is made up of average citizens who are sick to death of politicians regulating, taxing, controlling, and limiting individual choice. 85% of Americans don't trust the federal government. As Ronald Reagan famously put it, the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

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    Πηγή: Πρώτο Θέμα, Κυριακή 25/7/2010